Ibau’s new silo of tomorrow

IBAU’s silo of tomorrow – generating perfect flow, evolving into a work of art and providing new functions

In the mid 1970s, the existing silo solutions for large capacity silos with a diameter of more than 10m used the same process of aerating the entire silo floor in order to generate flow. The pneumatic discharge equipment of the time was not capable of completely emptying such silos. As a result, the material in the center provided core flow, but the material close to silo walls simply stuck. The results were poor silo flows and reclaim rates paired with high power consumptions for the compressed air. 

With the introduction of the IBAU Central cone silo (Figure 1 ) the situation completely changed and
improved. There are more than 10 000 of these silos in operation at various customers around the world. The IBAU Cone silo was a revolution. Now the company wants to do it again. This time IBAU Hamburg will not be revolutionizing, but evolutionizing Silo Technology. IBAU is dreaming big and setting the course for the future: “Tomorrow’s silo will ensure perfect flow, evolve into a work of art and offer new functions aside from just storing cement.”